Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Packaging Professionals. Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions applicable to the use of services provided on the site. By browsing the site or placing an order, you approve to be bound by the conditions listed below and as amended from time to time. 


These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice. Each order or transaction will be governed by the terms and conditions in force upon the date of that transaction.


We have taken proper care and precautions to ensure that the information we provide on this Website is accurate.  However, we cannot guarantee, nor do we accept any legal liability arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of anything contained on this Website or on any linked site.

The information contained on this Website should not take the place of professional advice. 


We hold the copyright to the content of this Website, including all uploaded files, layout design, graphics, file content, codes, news, videos, reviews, and databases contained on the Website or in connection with the Services. You must not use or replicate our copyright material other than as permitted by law.  Specifically, you must not use or replicate our copyright material for commercial purposes unless expressly agreed to by us, in which case we may require you to sign a Licence Agreement. 

If you wish to use content, images or other of our intellectual property, you should submit your request to us at the following email address: orders@carepackaging.com.au


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and login details and for all activities carried out under your password and login.


During the use of the site, users may be asked to review certain products. If you do submit such reviews, you give Packaging Professionals  the permission to reproduce, use, modify and publish them in a royalty-free, irrevocable manner. You also permit Packaging Professionals  to publish your first name and/or state.

Such reviews posted, in no way represent the views or opinions of Packaging Professionals or its owners, shareholders, employees or others, but are the sole product of its creator.



Upon purchase of goods, the buyer agrees to use the products only for their intended purpose. Any other use will cause the buyer to assume full responsibility for any loss or damage arising out of their use.

Due to an internal issue, these items are being offered for sale without a Certificate of analysis (CofA).
Please do not purchase this material if you require a CofA for your internal systems.
We are sorry for any inconvenience


All orders placed are an offer of purchase and are subject to acceptance by Packaging Professionals .


Packaging Professionals  is under no duty to dispatch any goods ordered until payment for those goods has been received in full. All prices listed are in AUD and are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).


All orders must be paid for prior to shipping.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note that American Express attracts a 3.00% surcharge fee (inclusive of GST). We also accept direct deposits and if you select to pay through direct deposit, you will be required to email your official direct deposit remittance advice so that your order can be dispatched. Orders can be delayed if confirmation is not presented, as we will have to wait for the funds to be cleared.
GST is applied to all orders within Australia on taxable items including freight.

We cannot waive GST unless the required documentation is supplied for Australian orders.

Orders cancelled after 24 hours of the time of order placement will incur a 20% restocking fee.

  1. Orders left on “Wait” status or unconfirmed beyond 7 days will be automatically deleted from our system save
  2. Pick Up orders must be collected within 7 days or they will be returned to warehouse inventory.


  1. a) The seller will make all reasonable efforts to have goods delivered to the customer on the date agreed between the parties. However, the seller shall be under no liability whatsoever should delivery not be made on this date.
  2. b) Notwithstanding that the seller may have delayed or failed to deliver the goods (or any of them) promptly, the Customer shall be bound to accept delivery of goods.
  3. c) Every intention will be made to ensure the date of delivery provided is accurate. However, the seller is not liable for any inaccuracies or delays in supply.
  4. d) The lead time provided is valid from the date of the buyers purchase order.
  5. e) All returns must occur within 14 business days of the date on which the customer receives delivery and the invoice and or delivery note number must be supplied to the seller at the point of return.

For deliveries within Australia, unless otherwise agreed in writing risk in the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery to the customer or his agent or to a carrier commissioned by the customer.

  1. a) Any discrepancies must be reported within seven days of receiving your order. No returns or exchange will be allowed after seven days from receipt of your order.
  2. b) Any problems reported after seven days which are not the fault of Packaging Professionals  will incur a 20% re-stocking fee. If a return or refund is necessary, this must fall within one month of the invoice date. Returns will not be accepted beyond one month.
  3. c) If an error has been made by Packaging Professionals  with regards to an order, either invoicing or packing, we will gladly pay for return shipment. If customer requires urgent re-dispatch, it will be necessary to pay for goods at the time the re-order is lodged, which will then be credited/refunded when we receive the returned goods.
  4. d) Errors made by clients when placing their order can be returned if reported within seven days and products are unopened. This will incur the 20% restocking fee. This includes change of mind returns also. Goods must arrive in re-saleable condition. Return freight will be at customer’s expense. 20% Restocking Fee covers costs of time and labour involved with returning goods to the warehouse.
  5. e) Goods must be re-packed carefully for return and the package must include a letter identifying your invoice number, name, and contact information as well as why the goods are being returned. Whether you require a credit or a replacement, it is extremely important to provide as much detail as possible about what you are returning so that the return can be processed accurately & promptly.
  6. f) All goods/products must be unused when returned to Packaging Professionals  to qualify for a credit or refund.
  7. g) We do not accept cancellations and returns for change of mind on indent items.

The sale is concluded when the goods are handed over to the agent or designated carrier.


  • These conditions, subject to any variations we agree to in writing, apply to all supplies made by Packaging Professionals  specified in the purchase order, invoice or the contract as the Supplier to the entity specified in the purchase order, invoice or the contract as the Customer. These conditions, in their present form or as changed, pursuant to these conditions, invoices and Purchase Orders exchanged between the parties form the contract.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all prices quoted by Packaging Professionals  are ex -works and exclusive of GST (as that term is used in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 as may be amended from time to time).
  • All prices are subject to change by Packaging Professionals without
  • If Packaging Professionals  is required to commission artwork, tooling, printing plates or cutting forms on behalf of the customer, estimated costs only can be given at time of quoting. Final costs cannot be given until artwork or drawings are sighted by the Packaging Professionals  reserves the right to on -charge to the customer actual amounts paid to the supplier.
  • Where Packaging Professionals supplies unique packaging or raw materials for a particular job, the customer agrees to use up all of these materials purchased for the job against customer orders or if the order is cancelled or the product discontinued, the customer will pay Packaging Professionals  the value of the redundant
  • If GST is payable by Packaging Professionals in respect of the supply of the Goods to the Customer, the price for the Goods shown in any quotation, invoice or other document (“ the Original Amount”) is to be increased so that Packaging Professionals  receives an amount (“ increased Amount”) which after subtracting the GST liability of Packaging Professionals  arising from the supply of the Goods results in Care Pak retaining the Original
  • Packaging Professionals  will do all things reasonably to it to assist the Customer to claim, on a timely basis, any input tax credits (if any) the Customer may be entitled to claim for the acquisition of the Goods form Care This includes Packaging Professionals  maintaining its registered status for GST purposes, and issuing tax invoices for the Goods delivered to the Customer.
  • Any quotation given by Packaging Professionals  lapses if not accepted by the Customer within 14 days of its date of issue.
    • Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, if the Customer requires additional research and development or any improvements in respect of the goods, the Customer will be liable for the costs relating to such research, development and improvements.
    • Terms of payment are 50% deposit with order and 50% before dispatch.
    • Credit terms will only be granted following receipt of an acceptable credit If credit terms are granted, the terms of payment will be net thirty (30) days from the date the invoice is issued in relation to each delivery of the Goods (unless otherwise agreed in writing)
    • If the Customer makes a default in any payment or commits a default pursuant to clause 6, then the date for payment of all monies owing and outstanding to Packaging Professionals , irrespective of whether the due date for payment as per the invoice has passed, will accelerate and become due and payable immediately. In such an event Packaging Professionals  may without prejudice to any other rights it may have, suspend further deliveries, require payment in advance for all such deliveries, or terminate any contract forthwith by written notice to the Customer.
    • The Customer will pay interest on all overdue payments at the rate of 3% per month (or such other rate as Packaging Professionals  may specify from time to time) from the due date for payment until the date that payment is actually
  • Packaging Professionals  will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the Goods to the Customer on the date agreed between the parties as the Delivery Date, but will be under no liability to the Customer should delivery not be made on the Delivery Date.
  • Delivery will be to the location nominated by the Customer on its order form, and the Customer will be liable for all freight costs, unless the price quoted is specifically stated as including freight
  • Packaging Professionals  will endeavor to deliver to the Customer the quantity The Customer acknowledges that production conditions may lead to overruns or shortages, and accordingly, the Customer will accept delivery notwithstanding that the quantity delivered may be more than or less than the quantity ordered, provided that such excess or shortage is not more that 10% of the quantity ordered. A pro rata addition or deduction will be made to the agreed contract price in the event of excess or shortage on delivery.
  • Deliveries may be totally or partially suspended during any period in which Packaging Professionals  may be prevented or hindered from delivering by any circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to strikes, lockouts, raw material shortages, accidents or breakdowns of plant or The Customer acknowledges that in such an event, Packaging Professionals  will be under no liability or obligation to deliver to the Customer any Goods not delivered during the period of suspension.
  • If Goods the subject or one order by the Customer are delivered by more than one delivery, each delivery will be deemed to be sold under a separate contract Failure by Packaging Professionals  to deliver the whole of the order within the time stated on the order form will not entitle the Customer to repudiate the Contract for the balance remaining


  • The risk in the Goods purchased from Packaging Professionals  by the Customer will pass to the Customer upon delivery by Packaging Professionals  to the Customer, or his Agent, or his commissioned
  • Ownership and property in the Goods will not pass to the Customer but will remain with Packaging Professionals  until such time as:
    • Full payment is made by the Customer to Packaging Professionals  for the Goods and there are no other amounts owing to Packaging Professionals  by the Customer, or
    • The Customer sells the Goods to his customers in the ordinary course of
  • Until ownership and property in the Goods passes to the Customer, the Customer will:
    • hold the Goods as a fiduciary bailee and agent for Packaging Professionals ;
    • permits a representative of Packaging Professionals  to enter upon the Customer’ s premises at a time at the choosing of Packaging Professionals  to inspect the Goods
  • If the Customer makes a default in any payment of an amount due to Packaging Professionals , or an event or default as specified in Clause 5 hereof occurs, Packaging Professionals  may without notice and without prejudice to any of its rights and remedies recover and/or sell the Goods or any part of them, and may enter upon the Customer’s premises to do all things necessary in order to take possession of the Goods. The Customer will be liable for Packaging Professionals’s costs connected with the exercise of Packaging Professionals’s rights under this clause, payable on demand.
  • Notwithstanding clause 5 hereof, payment for the Goods supplied by Packaging Professionals  to the Customer will become due immediately upon the Customer committing any act of bankruptcy (if a natural person) or (being a Company) appointing an Administrator, or committing an act which entitles a third party to wind up, or appoint a Receiver, or Receiver and Manager to the
  • Where Packaging Professionals  receives material and/or goods from the Customer for the purpose of carrying out work thereon, all such materials and/or goods are provided at the risk of the Packaging Professionals  will not be liable for any loss or damage to any of the said materials and/or goods whilst in the custody and/or control or Packaging Professionals ; nor will Packaging Professionals  be liable in respect of any consequential loss or damage sustained by the Customer irrespective of whether such loss or damage is sustained as a result of the negligence or willful act or default of Packaging Professionals  and/or could have been foreseen or contemplated by Packaging Professionals.
  • Any request by the Customer for cancellation of a Purchase Order must be in writing and may be delivered by post, hand delivery or email. The Customer is liable to reimburse Packaging Professionals  for the costs it has incurred for research, development, labour and materials in developing the Goods and fulfilling the Purchase Order up to the date the request for cancellation is received and acknowledged by Packaging Professionals .
  • Neither party is liable for any loss incurred by the other party as a result of any delay or failure to observe any of these conditions (other than an obligation to pay money) as a result of any circumstance beyond the party’s control, including but not limited to any strike, lock-out, labour dispute, act of God, fire, flood, accidental or malicious damage or breakdown in machinery. The party affected must notify the other party as soon as possible of such circumstance.
  • During the continuance of such circumstance the obligations of the party affected, to the extent they are affected by the circumstance, are suspended and resume as soon as possible after the circumstance has ceased to have effect.

     10.1 Where Packaging Professionals  utilizes a design, or has followed  an instruction by the Customer relating to the formulation or manufacture of the Goods, the Customer will indemnify and hold harmless Packaging Professionals  from any and all claims, proceedings, judgments, prosecution, damages, losses, costs, expenses and liabilities made or recovered against Packaging Professionals  as a result of whether direct or indirect, any activity or undertaking by Packaging Professionals  in accordance with those instructions involving an infringement of a patent, trade mark, registered or unregistered design, copyright, or as a result of the Customer’s mis assembly or design of the Goods, or marking, instructions or warnings on the goods. 

      10.2 The Customer will keep Packaging Professionals  fully indemnified against all losses and expenses (including solicitor/client legal expenses) which Packaging Professionals  may suffer or incur due to the failure by the Customer to observe its obligations under the contract, including losses and expenses arising from Packaging Professionals  entering the Customer’s premises and repossessing the Goods as provided for in clause 7.5.

  • The Customer has the benefit of the conditions and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 of State and Territory Nothing herein Excludes, limits, restricts or modifies any statutory obligation of Packaging Professionals  or any rights, entitlements and remedies conferred upon the Customer if that Cannot lawfully be effected.
  • Packaging Professionals  warrants that the goods supplied will be of a merchantable quality, however, any liability whether consequential or otherwise including loss of profits arising out of or in respect of the supply, re-supply, use of the Goods, howsoever arising, including by virtue of representation, warranty or express or implied condition or term is hereby
  • If the Goods are not of merchantable quality, Packaging Professionals  will at its option, replace the Goods or refund the amount paid by the Packaging Professionals  will not be liable to the Customer for any loss (including but not limited to loss of profits or other consequential loss, cost of freight or duty incurred by the customer after the sale) caused by an act or omission (including negligent acts or omissions) of Packaging Professionals  or Packaging Professionals’s agents.
  • The warranty contained in clause 3 is conditional upon the Customer within 7 days of delivery of the Goods, making a written claim to Packaging Professionals  setting out the full particulars of such claim and having regard to clause 11.5, where possible returning to Packaging Professionals  sufficient part of the Goods to enable a proper examination.
  • Before returning the Goods the subject of a written claim, the Customer must first obtain authorization from Packaging Professionals . The Goods then returned must be in original packaging, accompanied by a copy of Packaging Professionals  s invoice, and sent to Packaging Professionals  freight plus insurance pre -paid (one way).
  • All advices, recommendations, information, technical assistance or formulation services (“ the Advices”) provided by Packaging Professionals  in relation to the Goods sold or manufactured by it, or their use or application, is given in good faith and is believed by Packaging Professionals  to be appropriate, accurate and However, the Customer acknowledges that in purchasing the Goods it has not relied upon the Advices provided by Packaging Professionals  or its agents.

This following document sets forth the Privacy Policy for the Packaging Professionals website, https://www.packpro.com.au.

Packaging Professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service experience. Packaging Professionals is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

Collection of your personal information
There are many aspects of the site which can be viewed without providing personal information, however, for access to future Packaging Professionals customer support features you are required to submit personally identifiable information. This may include but not limited to a unique username and password, or provide sensitive information in the recovery of your lost password.

Sharing of your personal information
We may occasionally hire other companies to provide services on our behalf, including but not limited to handling customer support enquiries, processing transactions or customer freight shipping. Those companies will be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need to deliver the service. Packaging Professionals takes reasonable steps to ensure that these organisations are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information.

Use of your personal information
For each visitor to reach the site, we expressively collect the following non-personally identifiable information, including but not limited to browser type, version and language, operating system, pages viewed while browsing the Site, page access times and referring website address. This collected information is used solely internally for the purpose of gauging visitor traffic, trends and delivering personalized content to you while you are at this Site.

From time to time, we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will use for these new purposes only, data collected from the time of the policy change forward will adhere to our updated practices.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Packaging Professionals reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have objections to the Privacy Policy, you should not access or use the Site.

Accessing Your Personal Information
You have a right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to do so, please let us know. You may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons. Packaging Professionals reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for, and providing access to, your information on a per request basis.

Contacting us
Packaging Professionals welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy and would like further information, please contact us by any of the following means during business hours Monday to Friday.

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