Quality control assured

Packaging Professionals - APVMA Accreditation


Products for the Veterinary Industry
Packaging Professionals holds a Category 6 licence to manufacture Veterinary Chemical Products (Single-step manufacture) – Packaging, labelling, strip, blister or sachet packaging, storage and release for supply.

Packaging Professionals - HACCP Accreditation


Food Products
Packaging  Professionals is  accredited for  HACCP  as  defined by  CAC / RCP 1-1969 for the  receival, inspection, storage, transfer, packaging, labelling  and  dispatch of dried food products.packaging, storage and release for supply.

Packaging Professionals - Australian Certified Organics


Food Products
We are certified for the contract packing of organic certified food products with the National Organic Program (NOP) by both Australian Certified Organic (ACO). To maintain these Certificates of Compliance, our manufacturing facility undergoes annual audits to meet stringent organic standards.

Packaging Professionals - ISO Accreditation


Cosmetic Product Manufacturing
Packaging Professionals is certified ISO 22716 for Cosmetic Product Manufacturing in our Sydney Manufacturing facility. To maintain the ISO Accreditation, our manufacturing facility and processes and procedures undergo annual audits to meet ISO Strict requirements.

Packaging Professionals - ISO Accreditation


Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Under AQIS Packaging Professionals is permitted to import materials sourced from overseas.

Packaging Professionals - Woolworths Accreditation


Woolworths Quality Assured

Packaging Professionals is accredited to the Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard to ensure that all standards regarding food are met and to reduce auditing complexities associated with supplying fresh food products to Woolworths.

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